Nilcons Slides
{ Quality slides from code }

More powerful than Markdown, easier than Beamer.


With nics, it is possible to create PowerPoint quality presentations, without compromising on images, figures, colors, font sizes and absolute positioning. All this without copying LaTeX from Stack Overflow.

Source Code

As with Markdown or Beamer, you will have source code for your slides and can save them in Git for versioning and collaboration. Our format has an explicit structure, that is well documented. No surprises!

Syntax Highlight

Nics automatically highlights the syntax of your code snippets in the presentation, with the integrated Pygments library. Easy to maintain, easy to git diff.

Renders Fast

Writing code is good, waiting for compilation is bad. Nics recompiles your slidedeck a hundred slides a second, making it possible to go crazy with the edit-compile-view cycle.

PDF output

Your slides will be generated to a self-contained PDF document. This will display pixel perfect everywhere. On mobile, on desktop and even on the loaner laptop that you have received at the venue last minute.


We aim for no disruptive syntax changes and for complete reproducibility. But, we also checksum every page with MD5 and this can be stored in git to be confident that nics still works the same.


Our markup format is carefully documented and tested. Nevertheless, if you find bugs, please contact us on GitHub and we will jump right into it.


Once we are in contact on GitHub, your internet pals will help out as quickly as possible. If you are rich, tell us before we help you; we are happy to help for some compensation too!



Capability demonstration (online, offline): an example slideshow, to evaluate nics capabilities. Serves as a cheatsheet, keep the source code open to see the markup.


Reference documentation in nics slides: online, offline, source code


When ready to get your hands dirty, creating your first slideshow, follow the Getting started part of our README.


Secure C++ programming (slides for a course, that we have delivered for a client in Dublin): online, offline, source code


Find us on GitHub. Feel free to ask questions via the issue tracker, or tell us your success stories using the "success story" tag.


We are a Swiss consulting firm called Nilcons, delivering all kinds of Computer Science trainings for superb teams at companies around the globe. As you can imagine, we are always well prepared, arriving with a lot of practical labs for the participants to solve. And we have amazing slides! We have done Lua in Doha, MongoDB in New York, Deep Learning in Paris, PostgreSQL in Vancouver and loads of Kubernetes in London. Okay, actually we have done a lot more! Ping us if we can help your team out with something...